The voice of one crying in the wilderness: “Make straight the way of the LORD” (John 1:23)

And the Heavens Opened…

Not long ago, quite unexpectedly, the Spirit of God paid me a visit while I sat at my desk scrolling through Twitter (of all things). For about 10 minutes, I experienced His perfect, body-energizing, all-encompassing, life-changing love. To call it miraculous is a perverse understatement. All I could do is weep.

Several days later I was awakened to the glory of God. While I couldn’t see anything, I could FEEL the intense presence of the LORD and the worship of heaven. It was over just as quickly as it began.

Imagine that next morning for me. I came down the stairs like Moses descending Mt Sinai — completely aglow. My wife, Monique, is like “what in the Sam Hill happened to you???” I’m reciting verse after verse of the Bible like a preacher running for his life (explanation: John 14:26).

Almost 4 months have elapsed now. Plenty of emotions have come and gone. But I remain a changed person courtesy of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

For those wondering, God has rekindled Monique’s faith as well. We are both very happy together.

(To learn of God’s healing power and to understand more of my backstory, see part II of my testimony)


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